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What is an Internet Marketing Firm

An Internet Marketing Firm, or Internet Advertising, is a type of advertising that uses the Internet to deliver advertisements, promotional messages and offers to customers.

This broad term includes numerous types of advertising strategies, such as social media advertising, search engine marketing, mobile advertising, e-mail marketing and many other techniques.

As in other advertising media platforms, internet marketing generally requires the presence of both the publisher and the advertiser. The publisher is the owner of the media channel, typically a website, and controls the content around which the advertisement will be displayed.

On the other hand, the advertiser provides the advertisements, banners and promotional messages that will be displayed on a publisher’s website or social channel.

Other participants in the internet marketing industry include media companies which may act as a middleman between an advertiser and publisher, ad servers and advertising affiliate marketers.

Types of Advertisement Delivery Methods:

Our Internet Marketing Firms Offer Display Advertising:

Display Advertising is a method of advertisement delivery that uses logos, animations, text blocks, videos, photographs and other types of media and graphics. This type of advertising is the most popular because it can provide a an increased ad effect and it can also be coupled with the use of cookies, to increase conversions.

The delivery can be targeted with the help of geographical targeting, previous web browsing interests of users, behavioral targeting. Because of this, the advertisements can be tailored to any user’s needs, a concept called contextual and semantic advertising, thus ensuring a better return of investment for advertisers.

Our Internet Marketing Firm Offers the Following Display Advertising Campaigns:

Web banners – This internet marketing technique uses banner ads and other graphics that are managed by a central ad server. They may contain rich media such as buttons, animations, Java applets as well as Adobe Flash elements to entice consumers. They usually have a standard pixel size and can be incorporated on websites in certain positions.

Pop-up or Pop-Under Banners – These banners are windows displayed in a new browser’s instance, after the initial website was activated. 

Floating Ads – They are also known as overlay ad and can contain rich media ad messages which are displayed over the website. Usually, floating ads can be closed by users or disappear after a certain preset period.

Expanding Ads – They contain rich media graphics that are interactive when a user hovers the mouse over them. They change their dimensions, thus offering a larger ad space where advertisers can communicate their offers.

Internet Marketing Firms Provide Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a type of internet marketing technique that works by increasing a website’s visibility in search engine result pages, known as SERPs. Search engines are able to direct massive amounts of traffic to both organic search results or paid offers.

Search Engine Optimization – also known by its abbreviation, SEO is specifically designed to improve a website’s visibility in organic search results. SEO uses various techniques, such as link building, article marketing and submission to increase a website’s online presence.

Search engines are continually improving their search algorithms to eliminate poor quality websites from their SERPs.- sponsored links or search ads – these ads are displayed in the sponsored results area of the search engine result page.

Typically, they are sold via a real-time bid process, where advertisers target specific keywords related to their niche or business sector. There are constraints and options which include geographic localization, language, demographics or other components that further specialize the offer.

Search ads are displayed according to a website’s quality, popularity or keyword relevance.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

This type of internet marketing is done with the help of various social media websites, where customers can be found and targeted depending on their interest, age, sex, geographic localization or any other element.

Social Media Marketing is increasingly becoming more popular thanks to numerous social media networks present, such as Facebook, twitter, Stumbleupon, Google+ and many others.

Usually, conversion rates can are high because the consumers are targeted effectively, ensuring a good return of investment for advertisers. 

Taking Advantage of Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising uses an advertising message, offer or promotional banner displayed on smartphone, tablet or other mobile device. Messages can be displayed as SMS, MMS, rich media display ads, photographs or inside applications, such as games or various sponsorship’s.

This sector is growing rapidly because mobile devices are increasingly becoming the first choice for customers when it comes to internet connection. 2013 was the first year in which mobile device use has surpassed desktop PCs worldwide.

Mobile advertising requires a careful design of ads because of varying screen sizes and other specific technology requirements, which differ from model to model.

Email Advertising Campaigns

Email Marketingwe will help you with the list development, creative content editing and lead creation-Mobile marketing – our team of experts will create a complete mobile marketing campaign focused on the user.

Email advertising involves the display of promotional messages in an email message. It can contain a opt-out box in case the customer does not want to receive the message in the future. Usually, email marketing is very targeted and personalized and can give a very good return of investment for advertisers.

How Can our Professional Internet Marketing Firm Help You

Our internet marketing firm strives to offer every client the complete internet marketing services to make sure you get the best return of investment in the long run. Depending on your needs, our team of experts can create and maintain a proficient internet marketing campaign that will skyrocket your business.

Our services include:-Search engine optimization – we offer industry Leading SEO Services with dedicated project managers and we will provide detailed reports of our work-Search engine marketing – we offer focused campaigns and professional landing page and ad design-Web design.

We are able to provide a Professional SEO Focused Design and an optimized for conversion layout-Social media marketing.

We can build a loyal customer base for your company and you will easily communicate with them-Conversion optimization. We will create detailed reports and perform regular split testing for your marketing campaigns.

Our campaigns are smartphone and tablet optimized and we use a responsive design to cater to your customer’s needs.