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The trend of Internet marketing has tremendously increased over the last decade and those who are still confused about taking a plunge are depriving their business of significant growth opportunities. The fast pace at which internet has become a part of human life, it would be only fair to claim that E-marketing has become equally, and in certain cases more effective than the traditional marketing strategies. Internet marketing allows you to have direct contact with the information and customers through regular and low cost communication.

The importance of internet marketing can be summarized in six major points:


One of the most significant barriers that can be easily overcome by Internet marketing is that of distance. Internet marketing allows you to target customers from across the country, including the remote areas where traditional ways of marketing would be difficult and much costly. Not only is this beneficial and convenient for the organization but also for the customers of remote areas. By simply browsing through your products and services online they can place their orders.  This leaves your cost of marketing simply for the distributors and localization services.


The purpose of any marketing strategy is to recover what is being spent on the marketing of a product. Internet marketing however costs much less by deducting the costs of property rent and maintenance. Through internet marketing the stock you will be purchasing would be in line with demand, reducing your inventory cost to minimum.


Internet marketing allows you to personalize offers to the customers by creating a profile of their preferences and purchasing history. Through social media platforms it has become easy to access direct feedback of the customers and review the information of potential clients to learn more about the line of audience you are targeting. This also allows you to give offers reflecting their interests and choice.


Internet gives you a platform that operates around the clock. By offering your products and services online you are create convenience and ease for both the organization and customers. They can place orders anytime they like.
Relationship building:
One of the biggest advantage of online marketing is the increased and potential chances of healthy relationship building. Once a customer purchases from your online store, he/she automatically registers to your list of customers to whom you can send follow up emails, regular offers, and special offers for relationship building and first hand marketing.

Social Media:
According to Harvard business report, people spend quarter time of their day on social media which has also become a potential marketing platform for the organizations. Information posted on social platforms reaches targeted and potential customers at a speed that is twice the traditional marketing method. Also, it is easy to share and comment on.