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We are SEO Experts .  We love seeing businesses succeed, we’re here to expand your marketing campaign.

Top 10 SEO Marketing likes to build personal relationships with our clients. We believe that in order for a business to succeed we have to interact personally with a client to fully understand their Internet Marketing needs.


Who We Are

Top 10 SEO Marketing is a small team of SEO Professionals who have been through the in’s and out’s of SEO for many years. We have found out what works through countless testing and can now provide to you a 100% safe way to rank your website that lasts over time.

What We Offer

We offer a solution to all of your Internet Marketing needs. We specialize in SEO, Local SEO, Media Exposure, and Web Development. We take pride in our work and strive to provide you the highest quality work available in today’s Internet Marketing and Social Media Industry.

Our Unique Approach

We offer a unique approach to marketing and incorporate each of our methods to ensure that are Clients websites can rank quickly, and also stay ranked overtime. We have a dedicated SEO Specialist managing each Clients campaign to see that everything is done correctly at all times.

The Experts

We have a small team of SEO Specialists and web designers. We all have a passion and love to see our work shine when your website is generating a steady amount of clients.



Peter Celnicker, MBA


Chris Martin
Media Arts Manager


Sallam Kashif
Website Development


Tamara Jones
Director of Business Development


Marden De Castro
Social Media Guru | Graphic Designer


Sheldon Michael
Director of Marketing


David Powell


Kenneth Ford
Community Manager

Our Service Scope

We work with clients all around the world but we are able to meet locally with Clients in the Broward, Miami, and Palm Beach Areas. The list below provides the areas we work directly face to face with clients.

Evolving Internet User Base

The world is in a state of evolution. Businesses should evolve with it. This would help them increase their sales revenue and profit levels in future. Businesses that fail to adapt will succumb to the pressures of change and their competitors will take their place.

The first step in adaptation for these businesses is to understand how the world is evolving. The world is shifting from a physical marketplace to a virtual marketplace.

Currently, there are more than six hundred and thirty four million websites worldwide. These website provide goods and services that people need. People looking for these goods and services include two and a half billion people who use the internet on a regular basis.

The question is how to carve out a niche for your business in such a crowded marketplace. The answer lies in SEO marketing. SEO marketing increases your visibility, reputation and reach over the internet. Internet visitors will flock to your website in droves if you take advantage of SEO marketing.

Harness the power and potential of the internet today. Hire our SEO Company and you will achieve a level of success in your business that you never thought possible.

Our company is the best for a number of reasons. Knowing some of these reasons will help you to understand more about SEO marketing and management. Here are these concise yet potent reasons.

Internet Marketing Campaign Design

Now you know a lot about us but you may not know about our campaign strategies. These strategies endear us to our clients as nothing else can. We develop these strategies and implement them in highly effective ways. This is why our internet marketing campaigns are legendary.

They follow an intricate process of planning involving both on site and off site activities. On site activities include SEO marketing and web design while off site activities include link building and email marketing. These activities complement each other and boost your search engine rankings like never before.

Hire us today and experience the benefits that we have to offer. Our results are specific and measurable. We do our work within a specific time-frame and with the utmost dedication possible. We are simply Number One!

Social Media Experience

Social media is now the most powerful networking tool in the world. Facebook alone has more than one billion monthly users. This represents about fourteen percent of the entire global population. People primarily use social media for social networking.

Recent world events such political revolutions around the world have shown the enormous power of social media beyond the social spectrum. It is now powerful both politically and economically.

Business owners have only just discovered the potential of the internet for their online businesses. These business owners have increased spending on social media but this spending has not been fruitful for many of them.

This is because the spending focuses on quantity not quality. More social media followers do not translate into more sales. You should focus on quality rather than quantity. Turn to us for the best lead generations through social media.

Our company uses various social media strategies to increase your online traffic and revenue. For example, we will increase the level of social engagement on your social media accounts. This will arouse public interest as people try to learn more about your company and its products.

We will increase the number of mentions your company gets on social media. This will increase your social media visibility. Remember, the average number of daily tweets in 2012 was one hundred and seventy five million tweets.

Your tweets can easily lose effect in an ocean of tweets unless you structure them properly. We can do this and much more for you.

Value in Content Creation

The year 2012 saw an addition of over fifty two million websites to the existing websites at the time. Only a small portion of these websites exists today. The majority of them lost relevance because they lacked content. People do not visit a website for the sake of it.

They want information that is relevant to them. This is why they visit the ‘About US’ page on each website. They want to know if you possess the requisite knowledge and skills to help them get what they want.

You should organize this information in a coherent and convincing manner. People will visit other websites if you do not do this. This is why content creation is so important.

Content creation packages you as a worthy brand within your market niche. You will become a force to reckon with in your industry. You will do this by influencing the thoughts and minds of business stakeholders through the power of your words.

In addition, content creation allows you to build a lasting relationship with your clients. They will debate your content among themselves and then share it with their friends. This means that your website will become a topic of discussion for many people while reaching a wider audience at the same time.

We can create the perfect content for you. We can also incorporate this content into other forms of SEO marketing such as images, videos, info graphics and slideshows.

The Best Web Design

Each website owner should ask himself or herself a tough question. Will people navigate through your website or will they visit the homepage and then quickly move on to another website. People want value for their time. They will navigate through your website if you offer a certain level of quality.

In other words, your website has to be appealing and attractive. This is only possible through highly effective website design. It makes it easy for people to navigate through your webpages.

It also makes it enjoyable for them. Achieving quality web design takes a lot of effort and skill. For example, your website should have the right color schemes, fonts and web templates.

We can help you to achieve all of this. Turn to us for all your needs in web design. Our level of professionalism in this and other aspects of website management will surpass your expectations. Remember, there are more than two hundred and fifty million domains in the world.

We can help your web domain to stand out among all these other domains. We will begin by improving the aesthetics on your website. We will make it look pleasing, inviting and appropriate for your business niche.

We will then reorganize your webpages and web links for maximum efficiency making it suitable easy navigation. Ultimately, your website will look good and it will be more useful to your web visitors.